I have worked as a project manager for GRIND Johannesburg (Global Regenerating Initiative for Neighbourhood Development)

  • I have worked on a crowd-funding project to integrate the inhabitants of Maboneng Precinct and Jeppestown. Completed first phase, built a vegetable garden and vertical wall together with the people from the neighbourhood which generated great interest and very positive feedback.
  • I have arranged key meetings with local stakeholders within a two week deadline, used innovative approaches to engage their attention and received valuable input.
  • I have assessed, captured and reorganised information scattered over several files which utilised previous research, findings and ideas.
  • I wrote project activity articles for the website which raised the project profile and interest.
  • I co-created a 5+ Masterplan for the Maboneng Precinct.
  • I wrote a business plan for GRIND, presented 1st draft to the management team
  • I organised a workshop with Social Housing Institutes and developer Propertuity on social housing in order to find new ways of collaboration between public and private parties to increase the number of social housing units.